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Luhn Digit Generation Oracle PL/SQL Implementation

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Here’s how to generate a Luhn Mod-10 Check Digit. It’s implemented as a function in oracle PL/SQL. I spent 2 hours looking for this online, then decided to implement it myself since it’s not that hard. Anyway, I thought I’d post it here for the next person trolling google for it. This is useful for generating credit card numbers or any other place you need a check digit.

This algorithm works by doing the same thing as the validation algorithm, but shifted over one character (the equivalent of adding a zero to a number, generating the sum & subtracting 10).

*EDIT – there was a bug in this code, i just fixed it on 12/4/2009, the old code returned 10 instead of zero. It also was only working on even numbers, sorry about that!

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION generate_luhn (togen in varchar)
RETURN number
curval NUMBER := 0;
total NUMBER := 0;
everyother NUMBER := 1;

togen IS NULL
) then
end IF;

FOR i IN reverse 1 .. LENGTH(togen) loop
curval:=SUBSTR(togen, i, 1);
IF everyother = 1 then
everyother := 0;
curval := curval * 2;
IF(curval> 9) then
end IF;
everyother := 1;
end IF;

total := total + curval;
end loop;
if MOD(total, 10) = 0 THEN
RETURN 10 – MOD(total, 10);
END generate_luhn;


  • Thanks for the sample, it saved me some time.

    Since you are processing a string you might want to check for a value_error on the implicted numeric conversion or do a translate to only get digits.

  • Thanks. It worked and saved me time.

  • Thanks for the code, but I used this on a DB of ICCIDs (GSM SIM Card identifiers) and it found some inconsistencies (70 out of 3million)
    e.g 8941020551329001200 should have checksum 3, but this PL/SQL returned 4?

  • Thanks for your sharing, it’s great.

  • Strange, but this function said that luhn is not valid for some card numbers….

  • I am sorry…it is working fine. I just forgot to cut last digit, when i checked number of card.

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